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Powersmith Power distribution

Passion and commitment to quality, efficiency and environmental protection drive Powersmith's forward. By designing and manufacturing innovative electrical power distribution systems, we help our customers eliminate electricity waste, improve power quality and reliability and mitigate the destructive environmental impacts of electrical power generation.



Energy Efficiency

Your buildings transformers are your first line of defense against rising energy prices and power quality concerns. Powersmiths' super-efficient transformers:

  • Reduce electricity waste
  • Increase reliability
  • Offer the lowest lifecycle cost
  • Reduce noise


Look behind the closed door of your electrical room to identify how you can save energy and reduce cost.


E-Saver-C3 "Green Transformer"

Eliminates electricity waste in all applications. In addition to surpassing the minimum requirements of EPACT2005, the E-Saver-C3 offers the lowest life cycle cost, contributes additional energy savings toward LEED and reduces your buildings environmental impact to help slow climate change.

T1000-C3 - Super Efficient Harmonic Correcting Transformers

The T-1000-C3 improves power quality and reliability. It is the transformer selected by those who want to decrease their environmental footprint and have a need to support moderate to high densities of electronic equipment.


Smart Integrated Meter

Smart Integrated Meters provide metering and connectivity from the electrical distribution transformer to the building energy management system. Acting as a port for measuring efficiency, loading and power quality, Smart Integrated Meters provide facility managers with external accessibility to energy and power quality data with out opening the transformer case. Smart Integrated Meters help you gather the data you need to obtain LEED certification and undertake enhanced commissioning and validation programs.

Critical Components is the Southeast's source for InfraStruXure Data Centers - The InfraStruXure design, which integrates power, cooling, rack, management and services, allows the selection of standardized components to create a solution through modular and mobile configurations. Critical Components provides the Southeast with dependable green transformers, electrical power management systems and UPS. Serving the Southeast including Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Atlanta, Birmingham, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville. Data Center Power, Back Up Power, Transformers, Energy Efficiency, Network Power, UPS.

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