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Motivair Cooling Solutions

HIGH CAPACITY Coolant Distribution Unit
For use with ChilledDoor® and Other IT Cooling Systems

The Motivair® CDU creates an isolated water loop and pumps this through the cooling system to operate at maximum efficiency. It automatically adjusts the coolant flow and temperature to provide 100% sensible cooling up to 1.25MW, depending on the model. The CDU maintains a secondary loop water temperature above the dew point in the data center to eliminate the possibility of condensation.

Each CDU uses a stainless-steel heat exchanger, which transfers the heat removed from the IT equipment in the secondary loop to the primary (building) chilled water supply. The primary chilled water supply can be a chiller, cooling tower, or natural resource. The redundant dual pumps deliver a secondary coolant loop with water supply temperatures ranging from 55F - 113F+ (W1- W5), which removes up to 1.25MW of IT equipment waste heat. Each CDU precisely controls required coolant flow based on IT cooling system needs. A complete range of CDUs with varying capacities allow for flexibility in design to b est fit your application.

A modulating 2-way valve constantly adjusts the CDU cooling capacity based on IT demand. Operation is completely automatic with adjustable water temperature set points, dew point control and alarm thresholds that are easily accessible through the PLC control system mounted on the front of the CDU. A powerful PLC controls the entire CDU operation and provides remote control and communication via BACnet MS/TP, BACnet IP, Modbus, or LON. Larger CDU models are completely packaged in a high-quality, powder-coated enclosure and come complete with casters and leveling feet. New – Motivair® MCDU-4U

Motivair’s latest MCDU-4U provides all the benefits of a CDU, but can be mounted within a standard 19” rack enclosure. With a cooling capacity of 80kW (with ChilledDoor®) and 105kW (with other IT computer cooling systems), the MCDU-4U is ideal for smaller IT deployments, areas with space constraints, or to address hot spots in air-cooled data centers. The flexible design allows for placement anywhere in the server rack and offers scalability for future server upgrades without major retrofit or upgrade work.

ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling System by Motivair®

The Motivair ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling System (pictured to the right) targets the critical cooling requirements of today’s modern server rack designs. As technology continues to advance, traditional methods of cooling racks such as CRAC/CRAH, containment, hot/cold aisles, and in-row systems have become less appealing as densities increase.

The Motivair ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling System is an active heat exchanger that is mounted directly to the rear panel of any standard server rack. It is capable of removing lower densities up to 75kW per rack. A comprehensive set of environmental variables are constantly monitored to ensure that the ChilledDoor® is actively adjusting to conditions inside the data center. By removing the heat load at its source, Motivair’s ChilledDoor® system ensures that all heat being generated by the servers is neutralized before it leaves the cabinet. The result is a “Heat Neutral” white space. Traditional cooling methods are eliminated, the data center cooling footprint is reduced, raised flooring is no longer necessary, and overall data center efficiencies can be increased by up to 90%.

Because the ChilledDoor® works in tandem with the IT hardware fans, the fan’s power consumption and the internal operating temperature decreases, resulting in increased energy savings and longevity of the IT equipment.

The Motivair ChilledDoor® system operates above the ambient dew point, which eliminates the possibility of condensation near critical electrical equipment.